Senior Application Engineer - Internal Systems

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New York

Posted Jan 23, 2017 - Requisition No. 56616

We build solutions that keep the company running. Our applications keep the lights on and make employees' lives easier. We work on a variety of enterprise-level applications, ranging from internal ticketing to compliance, and across all teams we're passionate about using the technology that's right for the job. Our clients trust us to create CRM systems from scratch, safeguard our most important asset (client data), and create a communication platform that provides first-class customer support.

As a department, we work collaboratively with all business units to think outside the box and bring cutting edge technology in house to champion its use. This use of technology drives business and workflow efficiency throughout Bloomberg. Thousands of users employ our applications on a daily basis, so scalability and reliability are our top priority. Many teams rely on us to provide unfailing support and applications to ensure their clients, data and requests are managed flawlessly.

You'll need to have:

  • 2+ years of experience programming in C/C++
  • 2+ years of experience working in UNIX/LINUX or Windows development environments

We'd love to see:

  • Experience with Relational Databases and SQL
  • Familiarity with JavaScript, C# and Web Services

When you apply, tell us which of our teams you'd like to join. Here are snapshots of each one.


Our team develops software to support various Security and Access Control systems. These include facility access control for employees and visitors, ensuring business continuity in the event of outages or incidents affecting employee's access, safeguarding our clients' and employees' sensitive data and controlling access to our systems based on users' roles and responsibilities.


We are one of the cornerstones of the Bloomberg's premier experience, providing excellent customer support. ADSK is the unified communication platform which uses client intelligence and technology to optimize the efficiency of our representatives and provides a seamless customer experience. Our group supports Bloomberg's HELP HELP service which enables our 300,000+ clients to connect in real-time with our unparalleled analytics and technical support staff.

Contribution Entitlements

Our team develops and supports Bloomberg Global Data Contributions Entitlement Systems. The system is a high-performance robust entitlement system that controls real-time client access to all third party contributed data such as News, Research, Pricing and Derivatives across the Bloomberg platform. We build infrastructure for various Bloomberg applications to query whether a customer has access to content on Bloomberg Terminals and BPipe, Data License, Server API or Media on Enterprise products. You will help us build applications that help our clients stay ahead of the markets in a very dynamic environment.

Contracts & Exchange

We are responsible for the development of our Contracts Management Systems which control automation, electronic signage and archival of all client contracts across our Core Terminal and Enterprise product lines. We own the Exchange Management System, which updates our Master Data, Client real-time entitlements and Exchange reporting, as well as our Customer Service Center Portal where we control client orders, exchange entitlements, enterprise products and accounting. Our systems support more than 300,000 global customers providing analytical, admin and customer service infrastructure. You will be challenged with problems on ease of use, streamlining workflow, web solutions and compliance. You will have the opportunity to liaise with the business to drive system designs and provide innovative solutions.


Our system maintains all the requirements for customers across the globe to trade electronically on the Bloomberg Terminal and remain compliant with constantly changing regulations. We build software to allow our Compliance department to update these requirements as fast as they need to. We also build the APIs to integrate with the various Electronic Trading Platforms across Bloomberg to confirm compliance in real-time.

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