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Posted Jun 30, 2016 - Requisition No. 50224

We build high impact, innovative software applications and infrastructure used by hundreds of thousands of people. What we build helps move the financial industry every single day. We create key applications that the Bloomberg community relies on to interact with one another. We also help people to keep abreast of key news and market moving information and react accordingly.

We build the most heavily used applications on the terminal. This counts tools such as Bloomberg's proprietary Email and Instant Message products. Our teams are also responsible for Notes and Contact Management systems, News, Market Alerts and Monitoring applications. We collaborate closely as a group to deliver both desktop and mobile solutions.

We focus on our products being able to handle extremely high volumes while maintaining low latencies & high availability. In addition, we build core services that form the foundation of applications built by other software groups within Bloomberg.

We'll trust you to:

  • Take responsibility for the full software development life-cycle, from understanding the needs of the business through to coding to deployment and maintenance. Your work will be highly visible, making you highly accountable
  • Understand your product area deeply. You will partner closely with product and with UX design teams to deliver the exactly what is needed by our customers
  • Thrive under the speed of change. You will love being in an environment that is constantly evolving
  • Engage with the wider community. You might love to work with open source software. We interact with the open source communities by contributing changes where we can. You will also be able to take part in related meet-ups and conferences

You'll need to have:

  • Strong C++
  • Deep understanding of object-oriented design, data structures and algorithms
  • An aptitude for analytical problem solving
  • Exposure to all phases of the software development lifecycle

We'd love to see:

  • You have Linux/UNIX exposure
  • You are familiar with the nuances of building high volume, high availability distributed systems

Teams that you can apply to:


We want to make every data point in Bloomberg's vast financial system alertable. We support a market alerting product that exposes every tick on every stock market in the world, and we provide alerting infrastructure to the rest of the company. You'll be working on challenging scaling problems and collaborating directly with business on a product used by more than 200,000 users. We follow agile principles and mean it - you'll be able to shape the way we work, the technologies we use and the future of our product.

Bloomberg Chat

Bloomberg Instant Messaging (Instant Bloomberg, or IB) is used by the Bloomberg community for real-time communication including exchanging quotes, trade ideas, news and other financial information. IB handles close to 250 million post events per day. Our usage has grown considerably over the past few years, requiring that we maintain a sophisticated UI and a state-of-the-art distributed architecture which can scale to the most extreme load without compromising performance. We also build a unified multimedia communications product called BConnect. We work with open source software and encourage interaction with the wider technology community by contributing changes and taking part in related meetups and conferences.


We aim to build the next generation of collaboration tools, namely with our Contact Management, Note taking and Sharing applications. We allow Bloomberg customers to seamlessly interact with their colleagues, clients and friends in a way that is both fast and transparent. Our real strength comes from the fact that our applications are not isolated silos, we provide frameworks and APIs to allow other engineering teams to interact with our systems and add collaboration to their own software. Where possible we embrace open source solutions and contribute back where possible. We prize good design, an ability to build highly resilient, low latency systems and a passion to adapt and try out new things.

Internet Message

Our message system delivers over 300 million messages every day. The London message team converts three million messages between e-mail and Bloomberg's own message format. Our software is scalable, fault tolerant and secure. We are constantly evolving and extending our solutions for detecting spam, malware and phishing. And we are excited to be soon creating a set of dashboards and monitors to visualise the state of the message system. You will contribute ideas and energy to creating the dashboard; you will also make a great impact updating the message system.


Our Mobile teams develop, design and define the mobile experience for many thousands of people daily. With team members specialising in creating mobile UIs, client software, infrastructure and services working together we look ahead to take advantage of the latest mobile technologies and techniques. All aimed towards making the definitive mobile experience for the financial markets.

You will be joining a growing group of 50+ mobile engineers with new projects on the horizon and an ample chance to make an impact. You will work on our Mobile applications with the chance to contribute end-to-end to the full development stack.


With over 1 million instances live each day the Monitor is used to view the state of your cross-asset watch-list, portfolio, or security universe in real time. Monitor provides a huge wealth of customisation to our 200k financial professionals allowing them to select fields from Bloomberg's abundant data set and tailor their sheets to give them an edge so they can react quickly to market events.

We're proud that our product is the best in its class, but it won't stay that way without continued innovation - we need to continue to improve usability, data capacity, and mobile offering without sacrificing stability and reliability. Join our team and you'll build the next industry standard, using the latest UI technologies.

News Editing & Workflow

All over the world Bloomberg's reporters and editors are tirelessly creating news content. We're highly accurate, and always fast. We're available on the terminal, your mobile and the Internet. In our team, we build the tools which they need to get their job done. If a reporter needs to know "When did we last see the oil price drop this much in a day?" we have the answer ready. Our software makes their lives easier, whether they work on breaking news headlines or feature stories with interactive graphics. And right now, we are building the next big thing: Automation. Our software analyses vast amounts of data, pick interesting aspects, write a story, and publish it to the terminal without human intervention. This is all in real-time. Join us and enjoy working in an agile team that pushes the boundaries of News Production.

The news search and alerting backend processes more than 10 million search queries with an average latency of less than a couple of hundred milliseconds. Almost every one of our customers rely on this backend to deliver real-time news results and alerts for more than a million news stories every day, in less than a hundred milliseconds after they are published. Milliseconds count, and make the difference between a profit and a loss. Reliability is key, every second of the day, and every day of the week, as we deal with large distributed search engines based on Apache Solr/Lucene. Our customers need to know the most important information at a glance, and our search engines use Apache Hadoop, Learning to Rank in Solr, machine learning and trend (anomaly) detection algorithms to show the news they need, when they need it. They also need to be updated in real-time when the searches they are interested in have new stories matching them, and we work on alert matching engines optimised for this purpose. We regularly contribute back to open-source, with two members of the team having commit access to Apache Solr/Lucene. Does the prospect of working with large scale, real-time distributed systems excite you? Are you passionate about owning and taking a critical product forward using innovative, cutting edge and open technologies? Join us for the ride of a lifetime.

If this sounds like you:

Apply if you think we're a good match! We'll get in touch with you to let you know what the next steps are. In the meantime, check us out at

Bloomberg is an equal opportunity employer and value diversity at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, colour, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.

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