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Engineering: Head of Ticker Plant Pipeline Team

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Posted Oct 30, 2018 - Requisition No. 71629

The Ticker Plant builds software that manages the storage and distribution of Market Data in Bloomberg. Market Data is information - trades, quotes, and other pricing data - gathered from around the world on every possible kind of financial instrument, from stocks and bonds to currencies and commodities. In the aggregate, this amounts to more than 60 billion unique events per day (and growing all the time) applied to millions of different instruments.

In London, the Ticker Plant Pipeline team is responsible for the critical path that a market data messages takes through Ticker Plant host and its associated infrastructure. The system we develop and maintain is highly performant with emphasis on low and predictable latency, as well as effective utilization of the parallel processing power available on our servers. All of that, while keeping it flexible enough and simple to be deployed and managed across the hundreds of Ticker Plant machines. As a team, we come from diverse backgrounds and experiences that have enabled us to take on cross-functional projects, such Ticker Plant Linux porting.

We are looking for a leader who will lead the entire Ticker Plant Pipeline organization and its several sub-teams, to successfully develop, refine and execute on the teams’ technical roadmap. That’s where you come in!

As a leader of this engineering organization (about 15 team members), you will have the opportunity to lead individual contributors as well as software engineering team leaders. You will be actively developing and growing individual contributors and team leaders through 1-1s, training, mentoring and coaching. You’ll provide the leadership and guidance your team members need to help Bloomberg succeed while also supporting them in their career aspirations. You'll be expected to take risks, meet with stakeholders, and collaborate with other Engineering teams beyond your own organization. You'll be expected to own the technical roadmap of the Ticker Plant Pipeline team and contribute to the roadmap of the broader organization.

What’s in it for you?

This is a great opportunity to be a technical leader of an engineering organization of several teams, which are responsible for the most core and critical systems of the company. You will be leading both engineers and their team leaders, and have the opportunity to influence the long term direction of The Ticker Plant.

We’ll trust you to:

  • Inspire and motivate a high performing team to achieve great results, while supporting individual growth and development.
  • Own the long term architecture and technology road map of the team to meet current and future business needs
  • Ensure continuous improvement of solutions and ways of working
  • Establish software engineering best practices that result in high quality of software, systems and services
  • Create a strong team culture which is focused on technical innovation, incremental delivery of value, personal development, and high alignment with the broader organizational goals while keeping the team technical autonomy over the systems the team oversees.
  • Develop strong partnerships across internal development teams and business teams. Our customers are Feed Engineers, who use the Ticker Plant to publish and store data, as well as other teams who host business logic on top of our infrastructure.
  • Take risks. You will be encouraged to explore, innovate and strive to exceed expectations, while at the same time develop this same culture within your team members.
  • Take a long term view on the team future: help develop, maintain, share and execute a multi-year roadmap for the team.

You’ll need to have:

  • Experience in leading software development teams and helping software developers develop their technical skills and career.
  • Knowledge of C++ and experience with distributed systems design.
  • Experience in leading team leaders of engineering teams, developing their technical and leadership skills and their career.
  • Experience in all phases of the software development life cycle, with proven record of leading large teams which delivered complex working software incrementally.
  • An ability to foster a collaborative team environment; through driving a strong culture of teamwork and leveraging our team diversity
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills. You will be leading a team in London, while the majority of the Ticker Plant organization including your management is based in New York. Sharing your team work, achievements, promoting projects ideas, participating in business planning, and advocating for your team will be expected from you.
  • The ability to effectively listen, communicate, challenge and influence team members, peers and your management.
  • A keen interest in keeping abreast of technological advances and proven success at incorporating new technology into existing systems.
  • A passion to develop business domain expertise in order to solve problems.
  • Able to work autonomously, while maintaining alignment with the broader organizational goals.
  • Willingness and ability to travel to other offices (such as New York) 2-4 times a year.
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