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Posted Mar 6, 2017 - Requisition No. 57332

Our team:

Trading Solutions (TS) empowers the biggest players in the financial world to manage their portfolios, execute and settle their trades, and make decisions that move the markets. In the TS Engineering Productivity team, we are tasked with developing tools to help engineers test TS applications. We have internally developed a highly sophisticated tool for testing end-to-end UI workflows over the Bloomberg Terminal. This tool is a desktop .NET application utilizing SQL Server. Right now, we are revamping this tool and the processes around it to bring significant productivity gains to our QA teams.

The tool itself is currently deployed in a private cloud of more than 100 virtual machines which execute tests on demand or on schedule. This is a critical infrastructure that runs regression testing for a number of Bloomberg applications and thus the changes that we need to deliver must be bullet-proof.

Our mission is to enable our QA teams to convert their testing scripts from linear scripting to modular scripting. This must be done along with significant improvements in troubleshooting ability, script authoring times, readability of scripts and no losses in performance. In order to achieve our goals we need changes both to the existing infrastructure and the addition of new functionality that will assist the users in this refactoring process. Our work aims to increase the productivity of a great number of QA users, so we will need to be very inventive and resourceful in creating UIs that literally shine and raise usability to a new level. We’re a small team passionate about how we test our UIs, and we need someone with an appreciation for the scope and impact of our work to join us.

Who are you?

An engineer with a passion for quality ingrained into your DNA You’re the kind of person that will routinely try 30-40 or more test cases before you are willing to let your code ship to production. You think that a buy and a sell, times 10 asset classes, times OTC/CCP, times 5 different execution venues is only 200 cases – so why not write a script to test them all?

You'll need to have:

  • Experience programming with .NET framework (experience with 3rd party controls like Infragistics preferred)
  • A real passion for User Experience (UX) and UI programming in .NET
  • A deep understanding of SQL and databases
  • Knowledge and understanding or transaction properties (ACID), isolation levels, record locking, and deadlocks
  • Familiarity with multithreading in the UI
  • Experience with LINQ

We'd love to see:

  • Someone who is enthusiastic and self-motivated
  • Strong organisation skills with a great attention to detail
  • Independent and strong troubleshooting skills
  • An ability to think like the user
  • “Get it right the 1st time” mentality
  • “No broken windows” mentality
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