Senior C++ Engineer - MSG/IB Systems Reliability Engineering

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New York, NY

Posted Apr 24, 2017 - Requisition No. 58199

MSG and IB are two of the most critical functions used by our clients as part of their daily workflow. To a lot of our customers, IB and MSG *are* the Bloomberg Terminal. Our clients use our products not just for text-based communication, but also to exchange quotes, trade ideas, news and other financial information. Our integration with applications such as FX enables our customers to actually trade billions of dollars across the globe using MSG and IB. We process and deliver almost a billion events per day. Our traffic has been increasing steadily as our clients rely on us for real-time performance, integration with financial data, our adherence to compliance policies, and most importantly, singular access to the Bloomberg network of 350,000 financial professionals. With features such as Enterprise IB, we’re also on-boarding non-terminal users, so we expect our traffic to increase even further.

To make sure we satisfy our customers’ need for speed as well as stability, we have very high standards for reliability and scalability. And that’s where our Systems Reliability Engineering team comes in! Our team is responsible for ensuring that IB and MSG are up and running 24/7, with no downtime or service interruptions. We’re looking for skilled software developers who are interested in infrastructure from the perspective of reliability, performance and scalability, from design to deployment. If you have ever wished you could answer the question “How many more users can your system handle?” with more than just a shrug, this team is for you!

In the SRE team, you’ll build and standardize our performance and capacity planning environment to allow us to answer questions around the health of our system easily. You’ll also define best practices and standards for testing/monitoring/logging/alarming across 80+ developers, build tools to automate our release processes, figure out how to make the best use of tools such as Chef and Docker in our systems, integrate with Grafana and OpenTSDB by using GUTS/Splunk and create sophisticated dashboards for our engineers as well as our business partners. We’re pioneers among other Bloomberg application teams, so you’ll have a lot of flexibility in forging your own path as an SRE at Bloomberg. You’ll have the opportunity to come up with and implement your own suggestions on improving our infrastructure. You’ll attend conferences to keep up with what’s happening in the SRE space outside Bloomberg, and apply that knowledge to define and tune our processes here at Bloomberg.

We use a range of technologies in Communication Channels, including but not limited to Hadoop/HBase, Kafka, Redis, Solr, COMDB2, Tkrmon, BAS, MBUS, DMP, Rapid and R+. We’re open to using open-source technologies where it suits our requirements. Our MSG and IB Application code uses Rapid and Rapid+ respectively, while our backend infrastructure is written in C++ and Python. We use the Google Testing Framework for unit tests and automate our builds and tests using Jenkins.

If all this sounds interesting, feel free to reach out to Arundhati Kogekar or anyone else in the CC-SRE team! We’ll be happy to talk to you in more detail about the role and its responsibilities and opportunities.

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