Senior C++ Engineer - Systems Infrastructure Release Tool Team

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New York, NY

Posted May 23, 2018 - Requisition No. 67230

The Systems Applications team is responsible for developing and maintaining release tools for the thousands of engineers, product owners and business groups in our wide organization.

Release tools provide engineers with dynamic control of specific software functionality exposed for execution. It allows developers to define values which are used in the software code to determine a specific path of execution, and provides a framework to change the execution path at run-time by modifying these values. For example, a developer can register a boolean value with our tool, which will then be used in a software project so that code can be excluded from execution in the event that an unforeseen bug is discovered. This allows developers to manage software releases safely and securely in stages.

Another aspect of release tools is to empower the product owners and business groups to control the release of specific software features to manage customers’ experience. Sales teams use our tools to stagger the release of a feature from internal rollout to production wide rollout to all our clients.

We, the Systems Applications team, plan to create a new switch system which would provide the backbone infrastructure to the different variants of our release tools. It will provide an easy to use and unit testable interface, and will be accessible by applications running on any servers, VMs or containers on the cloud. We will build tools to manage the creation, change and deprecation of the switches based on the use case.

We are looking for senior software engineers who are enthusiastic about developing tools to serve application developers’ needs.

We'll trust you to:

  • Architect reliable and scalable solutions
  • Analyze and solve problems
  • Communicate with and listen to our users (Bloomberg application engineers, product owners and business teams) to build software solutions that support their needs

You need to have:

  • BA, BS, MS, PhD in Computer Science, Engineering or related technology field
  • 2+ years programming in C++ in a production environment
  • Solid understanding of data structures, algorithms and object-oriented design
  • Familiarity with Javascript, Python
  • Experience with database design and accessing using SQL/no-SQL solutions

We'd love to see:

  • Experience with Git/Jenkins/Google Test/Google Mock/Pytest/Splunk/Grafana

If this sounds like you, apply!

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