Senior Software Engineer - Deployment Workflow

Careers at Bloomberg

New York, NY

Posted Mar 28, 2017 - Requisition No. 57786

The terminal is used by hundreds of thousands of financial professionals every day to manage the money of their clients. We are charged with helping our engineers deliver their best work. We are not afraid to make large investments to build our own continuous integration and development solutions. Our team is responsible for providing tools that allow these developers to collaborate and build their products more efficiently.

You’ll be part of the team who leads the transition from a manual deployment model to introducing CI/CD to the company. You can balance a long term vision of where we want to go with the short term goals of delivering incremental solutions to problems users are having today. You’ll also act as an incubator for technologies that go on to be used by the rest of the company, giving you the opportunity to try and work with new open source technologies.

You’ll need to have:

  • C++ / Unix
  • Strong Communications Skills
  • Strong Problem Solving

We’ll Trust you to:

  • Develop functionality for our clients (application developers and their managers) at Bloomberg
  • Reduce technical debt for our team by refactoring and replacing legacy products to take advantage of industry standard solutions and open-source product.
  • Work with clients to provide guidance on best practices for a CI/CD workflow and working with clients to assess any requirements they have that our current offerings lack.

We’d Love to see:

  • Go
  • Experience with Containers
  • Experience with Microservices
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