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Posted Feb 21, 2017 - Requisition No. 57128

Bloomberg runs on data. In the Global Data Sourcing Office, we’re responsible for supplying the service providers and operations to support the Global Data products – which also means we solve problems. Like how to ensure business operations continue uninterrupted during any disaster or incident whether disaster, security, weather or system related.

What’s the role?

You’ll be joining a team responsible for developing strategy and delivering solutions to support the Global Data products. You will be an individual contributor, responsible for working with senior management, consultants, service providers and staff to develop, oversee, exercise and maintain the Business Continuity Program and Plan for Global Data and Global Data’s service providers. During a business interruption, the BCP Analyst is responsible for activating the plan, alerting management and teams that are directly impacted, directing actions internally and externally with Global Data service providers, as well as monitoring and directing recovery.
You will also be responsible for post-recovery de-briefing of staff, resources and other parties and developing a ‘lessons learned program’ so that the incident, adaptations, impacts and results may be reviewed and changes made to the Global, as well as regional and site specific, BCP program for Global Data. In addition, you will refine the BCP framework to address other firm wide programs, goals, programs and initiatives to gain understanding of up and down stream impacts.

We’ll trust you to:

Plan and structure the Business Continuity program.

  • Develop BCP Framework by Service Provider and Location
  • Develop BCP Framework for Global Data response and escalation matrix
  • Utilize business continuity planning tools, methodology and templates provided by the enterprise BCP Team
  • Consult with product team members and management to identify business recovery requirements including critical dependencies and service providers; complete a Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
  • Participate in development of the recovery strategy for Data Products and monitor/maintain program
  • Document the Business Continuity Plan(s) and revise-update as required on an annual schedule
  • Identify plan gaps and provide business management with mitigation solutions; update plan as required
  • Formulate annual exercise plan and review/revise as required to meet industry best practices and Bloomberg requirements
  • Develop test scripts and coordinate business exercising
  • Validate recovery strategy through exercises – revise and update plans and operational tools/controls as required
  • Document individual exercise results and conduct follow-up actions
  • Integrate critical Departments into plans and exercises
  • Maintain and update recovery requirements and plans to insure recovery readiness.
  • Educate Global Data and Service Provider staff on their roles

Manage Business Continuity program ongoing;

  • Manage continuity program at the Products level
  • Direct activities, training program and awareness activities in conjunction with Global Risk and the enterprise BCP program goals and initiatives
  • Develop and manage specific group and team level plans and awareness exercises
  • Monitor and report on new technologies, resources, tools and programs that can enhance or impact Bloomberg and Data Products BCP program
  • Develop, Manage, Monitor and Maintain awareness of related issues and concerns that can impact Data Products operational effectiveness and continuity
  • Project/Program Management as required
  • Schedule annual/semi-annual testing as required
  • Operational and Process/program/work flow development
  • Manage and maintain documentation and tools as required
  • Interact with Global Risk/Facilities/Security and other departments as it relates to Global Data Products and Service Providers regarding Incident Management and Business Continuity Planning.

Activate the Business Continuity plan during disaster, security, or weather incidents;

  • Coordinate staff and/or Service Provider notification following plan activation
  • Support business managers with plan details at time of business interruption
  • Secure critical resources are available as needed for recovery
  • Assist business managers in accounting for and tracking staff following evacuation
  • Monitor recovery activities and status
  • Update Business Continuity Planning Manager and business managers with recovery issues
  • Assist business managers with return to normal activities
  • Participate in post incident reviews

Coordinate the post-incident review and assessment;

  • Review incident and develop timeline, issues, impacts and assessments
  • Perform post-mortem review of events, adaptations, staff metrics; present findings
  • Coordinate post event (if applicable) with other firm teams in Facilities, Global Risk, Security and any other groups, departments or agencies to develop and document incident specifics to aid in understanding the timeline, progression of events, adaptations, communication and other activities as required
  • Present findings to Global Data Management
  • Review and develop any adaptations/changes required to BCP program to fill gaps and employ lessons learned
  • Document changes, strategies, work flow/process flow improvements
  • Revise/edit training program accordingly by working with managers, team leaders and other in impacted groups/teams/products as well as offices and regions
  • Manage documentation and change control process

What You’ll Need:

  • 3 – 5 Years of business continuity management experience in a global workplace environment preferred
  • Strong project management skills, including the ability to work across multiple teams, channels, and reporting lines.
  • High level of energy, creativity, flexibility and dedication. A willingness to focus and commit to finding the best solution for our clients
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Extensive interpersonal skills and the ability to develop and maintain stakeholder relationships at all levels

Does this sound like you?

Apply! If we think you’re a good match, we’ll get in touch with you soon about next steps.

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